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The Burning Tree Country Club Media & Privacy Policy​:

The Club recognizes that from time to time, Members may wish to use BTCC branding, images and likenesses, including those that feature the Club property, Club members and guests and/ or personnel, in written and/or electronic media for personal and possible business use. This media could include but is not limited to written materials and flyers, digital or printed publications and online forums such as social networking sites. 
First and foremost, maintaining the private, respectful and collegial nature of our Club community is a responsibility of all Members.  As this type of use as described above could adversely affect the Club and the people within the Club, Club Management, in consultation with the Board of Governors, have developed the following guidelines to help preserve and protect our BTCC community. Please take note that all Members must abide by the following:

  • Members shall not publish anything in any media that may harm the culture of our Club  
  • Members shall refrain from making negative or disparaging comments about other members or guests, Club operations and policies, management and governance, employees or staff of the Club;
  • Members shall not disclose confidential information relating to Club operations and employees; and
  • Members shall refrain from any and all commercial use of images of the Club or use of the name of the Club or Club logos/branding without prior permission from the Board of Governors.

Members are also solely responsible for compliance with this policy by their families and guests (as if the foregoing were members) and will be asked to retract or take down immediately posts that violate this policy. Violations of the policy will be determined by the Board of Governors and any noncompliance may be subject to disciplinary action.