The Club maintains a dress code philosophy that is mindful of the mutual respect that characterizes Members’ relationships. While one Member may be enjoying our sports facilities, another may be celebrating a special occasion or entertaining on a more formal basis. The Club desires to provide a cordial, professional and relaxed environment for its Members and guests to enjoy. The Board of Governors has adopted the Dress Code policy outlined below to foster an environment of respect, courtesy, and decorum while balancing Member comfort and sensibility.

Our General Manager and his staff have responsibility for monitoring and enforcing the Dress Code on behalf of the membership. The staff has been instructed to advise discreetly and request any member or guest who violates the Dress Code to correct the violation or leave the premises. Staff have been instructed not to provide service to anyone not in compliance with the Dress Code. Any member that argues or disputes the discretion of any staff member enforcing the Dress Code may face disciplinary measures. Any disagreements should immediately be brought to the attention of the General Manager, or in his absence, the senior manager on duty.

Special Events sponsored by the Club or other organizations, including golf and tennis, may have specific dress requirements that will be posted in advance.


Golf and Racquets Attire are permitted in the Clubhouse and all dining areas (other than the exceptions noted below). For Racquets Attire, this includes rounded or mock turtleneck collared tennis shirts.

Exceptions After 5:30 PM

  • Racquets Attire is NOT permitted in the Founders Bar on Friday and Saturday night.

  • Sports Attire is not permitted in the Grille Room and Dining Room.

** Management may allow Racquets or Golf Attire at their discretion in certain areas of the Clubhouse, bar, and dining areas **


  • Sports Attire: Sport-specific clothing worn for most sports and physical exercise. This includes athletic shorts, tracksuits, golfshoes, and all Racquets Attire as defined below.

  • Country Club Casual Attire: Long pants (including Acceptable Dress Jeans) or Bermuda shorts, and appropriate collared shirts or turtlenecks (tucked in at all times).

  • Acceptable Dress Jeans: Jeans of any color that are not torn, faded, frayed, ripped, or cut in any way. This includes smartdesigner denim jeans.


The dress code philosophy for the Clubhouse is Country Club Casual Attire.

Men (and boys 12 and over):
  • Turtlenecks and dress sweaters without collars are permitted.
  • Tailored dress or casual pants (including Acceptable Dress Jeans) and Bermuda shorts are permitted.
  • Shoes can include boat shoes, driving moccasins, or designer sneakers (but only those of neutral color that are not worn or frayed and that are business casual appropriate).
  • No hats or visors allowed inside the Clubhouse.
  • No untucked shirts; no collarless shirts.
  • No sandals or flip-flops.
Women (and girls 12 and over):
  • Appropriate collared or collarless tops are permitted.
  • Tops may be worn untucked, provided they are so designed.
  • Tailored dress or casual pants (including Acceptable Dress Jeans), dresses, skirts, or Bermuda shorts of an appropriate length (mid-thigh) are permitted.
  • No athletic leggings or other casual leggings. Dress leggings are permitted with a tunic top/sweater, jacket, dress, or skirt.
  • Shoes can include boat shoes, driving moccasins, smart sandals, or designer sneakers (but only those of neutral color that are not wornor frayed and that are business casual appropriate).
  • Smart fashion hats or golf caps, and visors.
Children under 12:
  • Same as above for boys and girls (as applicable), except that smart tennis or training shoes are permitted.
Please note the following types of clothing are NOT permitted in the Clubhouse AT ANY TIME:
  • Cargo pants/shorts with large patch pockets on the thighs and baggy jeans of any type or color.
  • Denim jackets.
  • Athletic shorts or short shorts.
  • Sweatpants and sweatshirts (hooded or non-hooded).
  • Halter tops; tank tops; bare midriff tops.
  • Plastic or rubber flip-flops/sandals; “Crocs”.
  • Tee shirts.
  • Hats worn backwards are allowed ONLY while playing Racquet Sports; prohibited everywhere else.


Applies to the golf course and all practice areas.
  • Only spike-less golf shoes are permitted at any time for men, women and children, including guests on the golf course.
  • Golf caps, baseball caps, and visors are permitted, but worn forwards only (backwards headwear is NOT permitted for Golf).
  • Jeans of any color (including Appropriate Dress Jeans) are never allowed on the golf course or driving range.
  • No cargo shorts with pockets on thighs are permitted on the golf course.
Men (and boys 12 and over):
  • Spike-less golf shoes are required.
  • Golf pants or Bermuda shorts; no short shorts.
  • Golf shirts can be collared or rounded; must be worn tucked in.
  • Belts are required with all shorts and trousers
Women (and girls 12 and over):
  • Spike-less golf shoes are required.
  • Tops can be sleeved or sleeveless; may be worn not tucked in, provided they are so designed.
  • Golf pants or skirts.
  • Golf shorts must be Bermuda style of appropriate length; no short shorts or tennis skirts.
Children under 12:
  • Same as above for boys and girls (as applicable), except that smart tennis or training shoes are permitted.


Applies to Tennis and Platform Tennis Courts.
  • Tennis Whites (maximum 25% color) are required on clay courts.
  • Color tennis clothing is allowed on hard courts and platform tennis courts.
  • Warm-up attire (including sweatpants and sweatshirts) of any color is permissible.
  • Rounded collars are permissible; no cotton tee shirts.
  • Tennis shoes.
  • Cutoffs, swim wear, bare midriffs, bare feet, flip-flops, running or marking shoes, and other non-standard tennis attire are not permitted.
  • Spectators must also abide by the Club Dress Code.


The Dress Code philosophy for the pool area is casual.
  • Members should ensure that their clothing is not offensive to other Members.
  • Pool Attire is permitted only in the pool facility and walking directly to and from the car parks.
  • Cargo shorts and cargo short-styled bathing suits are permitted for men and boys.
  • T-shirts which are neat, clean, and not torn or ripped are permitted.